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​​​Ready To Take Your Brands To The Streets Or Out to An Outdoor Event?

Experiential Food Truck Rental Inc, provides state of the art food & beverage vehicles for both marketing agencies and restaurants. Our sales and rental divisions have over 20 years combined experience in the fast food restaurant management, live event marketing,food product branding and experiential food sampling programs. 

As an marketing agency partner we supply you with a one stop shop for the best custom food trucks, Ice cream trucks and glass trucks, allowing you a single point of contact to handle the many facets of a live mobile food truck marketing event. Our long and short term food truck rentals allow you as an agency to increase your clients brand awareness. As a food truck designer,food truck fabricator and food truck marketing company. We have years of custom truck design and fabrication experience. We can help guide the way from concept creation to city health permitting. With custom Wrapped W/ Your  Brand Design. We can make your client customized Food Truck stand out on the streets. Customized food truck Design Wrapping will increase your clients sales and band exposure.

With competition as fierce as it is in today’s marketing and advertising world, one should utilize any advantage that they can take. Food truck marketing is providing businesses and brands all around the world with the“edge” that will set them apart from the competition. Mobile vending trucks have become a powerful branding method that incorporates all of the senses and directly engages potential customers to experience and feel a personal connection to the brand or product.  Food truck experiential marketing is the new innovative and unique way to promote your client’s new beverage, food, or product. Experiential Food Truck Rental Inc,will outfit a food truck with all the necessary equipment needed to prepare, store, and serve the product.


Mobile Showroom Display Trucks

   Ice Cream Trucks

Food truck experiential marketing has been proven to work time and time again. With the popularity of food trucks continuing to grow every day. The marketing strategy that has been used by some of the top brands and Fortune 500 companies in the industry, including Google and McDonalds. In fact, we have even working with marketing agencies in most every State and Canada.

At Experiential Food Truck Rental , we create unique, interactive mobile experiences that engage all the senses, attract attention, and strengthen your brand’s relevance to the consumer. Companies all around and brand marketers are turning to food trucks to promote their products through experiential marketing.

Just bring us your promotional vehicle idea big or small, and we will push the creative envelope as to what theses’ mobile vehicles can do. The mobility and creative ability to expand your clients marketing foot print lends itself to many marketing and promotions applications, with the recent national food truck craze the consumer is already intrigued with the food truck concept and are open to experience what theses food trucks and ice cream trucks can offer.      

Mobile Food Trucks

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Experiential Food Truck Rental, isn't your typical night taco truck provider, we value our ability to bring top of the line vehicles, from food trucks,Ice cream trucks to glass trucks. loaded With technology for your events. We provide a completely new and revolutionary type of food truck marketing service that is catered to virtually any brand or products.  Our fleet of more than 30 food trucks from New York to Los Angeles and we are here to help you connect to your target customer! 

​​To learn more about how we can help you with your next sampling program or mobile tour or food truck rental, as well as other types of food truck events, give us a call at 877-705-6624. Or an

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"It's about connecting consumers with brands, NOT just impressions!